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Journal of Asian Martial Arts - Articles
  • Liu Xiheng: Memories of a Taiji Sage

    Liu Xiheng, disciple of Zheng Manqing (1902–1975), faithfully promoted Zheng’s method in Taiwan until his passing in 2009. This article remembers Liu and his the invaluable contributions through five personal memoirs by Benjamin Lo, Xu Yizhong, Yuan Weiming, Xu...

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  • In Search of a Unified Dao: Zheng Manqing’s Life and Contribution to Taijiquan

    One of the most influential figures in the taijiquan history was Zheng Manqing. He has had a great impact on how many now think about and practice taijiquan. It is helpful for us to examine the details of his life and the cultural and historical environment that nurtured...

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