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  • Judo Kata: Practice, Competition, Purpose

    The practice of judo katas has changed over time as a result of perceived purpose. The chapters in this anthology were written by seven authorities in judo history and practice. Their writings clarify the purpose of kata and thus its mode of practice and...

    $ 24.95

  • Bagua & Xingyi: An Intersection of the Straight and Curved

    Baguaquan and xingyiquan are two styles that complement each other as yin does yang. Bagua is known for its circular movements and its practice of “circle walking.” Xingyi embodies characteristic linear movements said to be derived from the...

    $ 17.95

  • Wing Chun: Writings for Advanced Practitioners

    This particular anthology on wing chun features only two authors: Dr. Joyotpaul Chaudhuri and Jeff Webb. Their academic and practical experience bring a rich text for anyone interested in this unique art, famed for its...

    $ 14.99

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