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Journal of Asian Martial Arts - Articles
  • Confucianism and the Asian Martial Traditions

    This article briefly highlights some key figures and events, describes relevant core concepts of Confucian philosophy, and then shows exemplary applications to martial arts today. Modern martial artists can gain understanding of the traditional Confucian insights that...

    $ 1.20

  • Was Jesus a Martial Artist?

    A number of statements in the gospels of the New Testament describe the behavior of Jesus-bar-Joseph of Nazareth in Galilee in a way that suggests that he may have been acquainted with certain martial arts techniques. The article questions what martial arts traditions may...

    $ 1.20

  • Meditative-Religious Traditions of Fighting Arts and Martial Ways

    The published results of a 10-year research project, plus field studies conducted throughout Asia in 1990, covering the status of martial disciplines and meditative traditions of India, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, and the USA.

    $ 15.75

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  • Laoshi: Tai Chi, Teachers, and Pursuit of Principle

    A tai chi student explores the Dao of Zheng Manqing (Cheng Man-ch'ing) with the aid of his teacher, Laoshi. Through personal accounts, reflection, and dialogue with Laoshi, we witness the novice's evolution in his search for the spirit of the art-and the resulting bond forged with...

    $ 14.95

  • Asian Martial Arts, Martial Musings + Laoshi


    Three great books at one great price.

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  • DVD: Low Tiger Kuntao - Leopard System

    The particular leopard style presented on this DVD originated in southern China and is associated with a lineage stemming from master Liu Seong. He passed it to his nephew Willem Reeders, a Dutch-Chinese who lived in Indonesia and later moved to the United States. The unique...
    $ 18.95

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