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Journal of Asian Martial Arts - Articles
  • Training the Lower Body for Better Stances, Steps, and Kicks

    This article presents various training methods for the lower body thereby making them immediately available to the readers to further their own training. The training methods presented work along two major lines of reference—modern methods verses traditional methods,...

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  • Jiddu Krishnamurti’s Influence on Bruce Lee and Popular Martial Arts Culture

    Through its influence on the popular cultural icon of Bruce Lee, Krishnamurti’s philosophy has had a major impact on aspects of popular martial arts culture. Krishnamurti’s emphatic rejection of dogma and ritualism in favour of intuitive, spiritual...

    $ 4.14

  • Zurkhaneh the Iranian House of Strength

    Iran’s national sport is the strength training system found in the zurkhaneh (house of strength), where bodybuilders and wrestlers are steeped in both Zarathrushran and Islamic traditions. Training at the zurkhaneh combines physical prowess and moral training, and is...

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