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Dohrenwend's Masterwork On the Spear, Sling, Sai, and Walking Stick

By Robert E. Dohrenwend, Ph.D.

Dohrenwend's Masterwork On the Spear, Sling, Sai, and Walking Stick
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Dohrenwend's Masterwork On the Spear, Sling, Sai, and Walking Stick

        When it comes to martial traditions, Dr. Robert Dohrenwend exemplifies a rare breed of scholar-warrior. You will find four chapters in this book devoted to weapons that have had enormous impact on world civilization: the sling, sai, walking stick, and spear. 
        With the spear and sling, we traverse millennia of human involvement with weapon innovation for hunting and warfare. These represent our primal roots. They are still with us today. The walking stick is normally seen as a practical device made to assist in walking and hiking. As a weapon, there’s much more to a cane than meets the eye. For civilian self-defense, it is convenient and effective. Many are familiar with the Okinawan sai, but may be unaware that the weapon exists in other geographic areas as well. We have some solid references for the sai, including written and oral records, plus material artifacts. 
        In each chapter Dr. Dohrenwend utilizes his academic research and practical experience to give the most complete overview of the weapons. This includes not only their history, but other aspects such as their purpose, design, effectiveness, cost of production, and uses in military and civilian settings. There is much to absorb: scientific data and analyses, fighting techniques, stories, and some humor. 

Author Bio:

Robert E. Dohrenwend, Ph.D., received his Ph.D. in micrometeorology from Syracuse University and has studied various languages at the Sorbonne and other schools, both abroad and within the United States. He has been an enthusiastic hunter with the traditional longbow for over a quarter of a century, and his martial arts experience ranges from the Hungarian saber to Okinawan and Japanese karate and Korean taekwondo. He retired to write and translate in the fields of military history, weapons history, and the martial arts.

Product Specifications:
The Sling: Forgotten Firepower of Antiquity
The Odd East Asian Sai
The Walking Stick: The Gentlemans Weapon
The Spear: An Effective Weapon Since Antiquity
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