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Mixed Martial Arts: Analyses of Techniques & Usage

By Daniele Bolelli, M.A., Andrew Zerling, B.S., Steve Scott, B.A., Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D.

Mixed Martial Arts: Analyses of Techniques & Usage
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Mixed Martial Arts: Analyses of Techniques & Usage

This book pulls together some of the best writings published in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts regarding modern mixed martial arts. Daniele Bolelli provides a superb overview by analyzing 176 matches that took place between 1993 and 1999 under the UFC umbrella. He also highlights the different ways in which grappling techniques are currently used in mixed martial arts competition.

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson zeros in on armbar and chokehold submissions to conclude just how often these were utilized in 1,263 UFC bouts. His works here can assist mixed martial arts professionals with analytical information to help them in training practices and winning strategies.

Other chapters provide insightful text and the photographic detail on: chokes, armlocks, and leg locks. Andew Zerling offers three chapters with the precious help of his teacher, Renzo Gracie. Steve Scott’s chapter is a highly detailed piece on the cross-body armlock, giving four primary applications.

You’ll also find  perspective and insight that illuminate what is occurring in the evolution of MMA competition: changing competitive rules and dollar amounts play a role in the outcome of championship belts and competitive crowns. 

Author Bio:

Daniele Bolelli, M.A., holds a 4th-degree ranking in Kung Fu San Soo, and is a practitioner of mixed martial arts. He has an M.A. degree in American Indian studies from the University of California–Los Angeles (UCLA) and is a lecturer at UCLA, Califormia State University–Long Beach, and Santa Monica College. He is the author of On the Warrior’s Path: Philosophy, Fighting, and Martial Arts Mythology (Frog, Ltd. 2003).

Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D., is a 2004 United States Olympian in judo, professional MMA fighter, and researcher. His current research interests include mixed martial arts and the professional development of coaching and teaching practices in combat sports. Dr. Ferguson completed his doctorate in philosophy in education from Capella University in 2009.

Steve Scott, MBA., started judo in 1965 at age of twelve and his life has been linked with judo, sambo, and jujutsu ever since. He is a 7th-degree in Kodokan Judo and 7th-degree in Shingitai Jujitsu and is a member of the Sombo Association’s Hall of Fame. He graduated with a major in sociology and a minor in physical education from the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Andrew Zerling, B.S., earned his degree in biology (with a specialization in mammalian anatomy and physiology) from Temple University in Philadelphia. Zerling has been a science writer for the food and drug industry for many years. Zerling is also an East Coast-based freelance writer and martial artist with over fifteen years training in Renzo Gracie jujutsu, judo, wrestling, and aikido. 

Product Specifications:
• Mixed Martial Arts: A Technical Analysis of the Ultimate Fighting Champioship in Its Formative Years
by Daniele Bolelli, M.A.
 Varied Approaches to Grappling in Mixed Martial Arts Competition
by Daniele Bolelli, M.A.
 The Choke: The Ultimate Finishing Technique
by Andrew Zerling, B.S.
 The Arm Lock: The Technique of Control
by Andrew Zerling, B.S.
 The Leg Lock: Technique of Contrast
by Andrew Zerling, B.S.
 Core Skills and Four Primary Applications of the Cross-Body Armlock
by Steve Scott, B.A.
 A Study of Armbar Submissions in Ultimate Fighting Championship Contests from 2000 to 2011
by Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D.
 A Study of Chokehold Submissions in Ultimate Fighting Championships from 2000 to 2011
by Rhadi Ferguson, Ph.D.
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