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T'ai Chi & Qigong for Your Health: Historical and Scientific Foundations

By Michael DeMarco, M.A., Arieh Lev Breslow, M.A., S. Kachur, B.M.R. (P.T), R.N. Carleton, M.A. & G. , Kenneth S. Cohen, M.A., M.S.Th., C.J. Rhoads, D.Ed., M.Ed., Duane Crider, Ph.D., an

T'ai Chi & Qigong for Your Health: Historical and Scientific Foundations
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T'ai Chi & Qigong for Your Health: Historical and Scientific Foundations

T’ai Chi and qigong are popular because of their great reputations as exercises with numerous health-related benefits. Can these benefits simply be results of placebo effects? Chapters in this e-book not only provide an interesting historical backdrop in which taiji and qigong developed, but also provide scientific support for the efficacy and effects of both modalities. 

Breslow’s chapter focuses on Daoist practices associated with their quest for immortality and longevity. Rhoads, Crider, and Hayduk looks at taiji and qigong with the tools of modern science. DeMarco compares Yang-style taiji practice of with guidelines provided by the National Institue of Health. Kachur, Carleton, and Asmundson provide an excellent chapter that gives insight into aspects of taiji practice that improve balance. The final chapter by Kenneth Cohen offers a history of the taiji ruler as a tool conducive to vitalizing the qi. Included are aspects of design, lineage, and some illustrated exercises, plus details on qi circulation. 

For anyone who questions the validity of taiji and qigong as exercise modalities, the collected writings in this book will provide information not available elsewhere. In addition to finding the historical and scientific foundation of these practices, the contents in this book will help improve taiji and qigong practice, bringing the many benefits as claimed for these gems of Chinese culture. 

Author Bio:

Gordon Asmundson, Ph.D., is a full professor of health studies and psychology at the University of Regina and a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Investigator. He has published over 160 journal articles and book chapters (regarding the anxiety disorders and chronic pain), as well as five books.

Arieh Lev Breslow, M.A., received his M.A. in history from the University of Wisconsin. He has studied and taught taijiquan for over thirty-five years and is the founder of the Jerusalem School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. He is the author of Beyond the Closed Door: Chinese Culture and the Creation of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and numerous articles. 

R. Nicholas Carleton, M.A., has a dozen publications and has presented more than forty research pieces at national and international conferences on pain, trauma, and anxiety. His research interests include cognitive-behavioral models and treatments for anxiety, chronic pain, fear, and PTSD. Mr. Carleton has recently been awarded a CIHR Canadian Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Award to study biological and psychological correlates of pain and trauma.

Kenneth S. Cohen, M.A., M.S.Th., executive director of the Qigong Research & Practice Center (, has studied qigong, taijiquan, and various other Chinese martial arts for forty-five years. Originally trained by William C. C. Chen (teaching certificate: 1974), B. P. Chan, and Madame Gao Fu, he was also chief apprentice to Daoist Abbott Huang Gengshi of Xiqiao, Guangzhou. Mr. Cohen is the author of The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing (Ballantine Books, 1997), numerous audio and DVD courses, and more than two hundred journal articles. In 2003 he won the Alyce and Elmer Green Award for Innovation and Lifetime Achievement, the leading international award in energy medicine. 

Duane Crider, Ph.D., holds a fourth degree in Hosinsul hapkido, a certificate in taijiquan, and an instructor’s certificate in qigong. He has been teaching taiji at the university level for seventeen years and is currently a professor of sport management at Kutztown University. He has published two books on martial arts instruction. Dr. Crider holds a doctoral degree in health education from Pennsylvania State University. 

Michael A. DeMarco, M.A., received his degree from Seton Hall University’s Asian Studies Department. In 1964 he began studies of Chinese-Indonesian kuntao-silat in the Willem Reeders tradition, primarily under Art Sikes, Thomas Pepperman, and Richard Lopez. Since 1973 he has focused on taijiquan: Yang style, Xiong Yanghe lineage; Chen style, Du Yuze lineage. He founded Via Media Publishing Company in 1991, producing the Journal of Asian Martial Arts and books. He teaches in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Dina Hayduk, D.Ed., M.Ed., is a health educator at Kutztown University. She earned both her M.Ed. in health education and her D.Ed. in adult education from Pennsylvania State University.

Shane Kachur, B.M.R. (P.T), is a certified manipulative physical therapist and a graduate student working under Dr. Asmundson at the University of Regina. He has conducted research on factors contributing to disability, as well as how taijiquan may be able to reduce fear of falling in the elderly. He has presented these findings at nationally recognized academic gatherings. He has over twenty years of Chinese martial art experience and is a disciple of Nick Gracenin, studying both modern and traditional wushu, including taijiquan. Shane Kachur currently teaches wushu and taijiquan in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and can be contacted at

C. J. Rhoads, D.Ed., M.Ed., has been studying taijiquan for twenty years. She holds several certifications to teach taijiquan and is a professional member of the National Qigong Association. Rhoads is one of the founding members of the Taijiquan Enthusiasts Organization and is also the developer of Pacem In Vita, a leadership and self-development curriculum for children and adults based upon the principles of taijiquan. Rhoads is an associate professor in the College of Business at Kutztown University, and runs a consulting firm, ETM Associates, Inc. She has a doctorate from Lehigh University.

Product Specifications:
  • Immortality in Chinese Thought and Its Influence on Taijiquan and Qigong,by Arieh Lev Breslow, M.A.
  • Taiji and Qigong Health Benefits: How and Why They Work, by C.J. Rhoads, D.Ed., M.Ed., Duane Crider, Ph.D., and Dina Hayduk, D.Ed., M.Ed.
  • Yang Taiji Practice Through the Eyes of Western Medical Health Guidelines, by Michael A. DeMarco, M.A.
  • Fear of Falling: Taijiquan as a Form of Graded In Vivo Exposure Therapyby Shane Kachur, B.M.R. (P.T), R. Nicholas Carleton, M.A., & Gordon Asmundson, Ph.D.
  • Taiji Ruler: Legacy of the Sleeping Immortal, by Kenneth S. Cohen, M.A., M.S.Th.
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