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Tales of the Hermit, Vol. I: The Castle in the Rain, and The Judge

By Oscar Ratti, Adele Westbrook

Tales of the Hermit, Vol. I: The Castle in the Rain, and The Judge
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Tales of the Hermit, Vol. I: The Castle in the Rain, and The Judge

THE CASTLE IN THE RAIN — THE JUDGE, by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook

This volume follows the dramatic adventures and experiences of a Western pilgrim, Père Dominic, who—while traveling through exotic regions and kingdoms in Central Asia and the Far East—is influenced by two main cultural streams, the Western and the Eastern, interacting (sometimes violently) in the Medieval and Renaissance eras in both cultures.    
The chosen method of narrative is the time-honored tradition of integrating text and images to tell a story—a tradition that finds many noble precedents in the carvings of ancient symbols and sculptures in stone, in Illuminated Manuscripts of the High Middle Ages, in the early printed books of woodblocks and type, expanding today into the complexity and refinement of new genres of narrative such as the graphic novel. In their best examples, two components—words and images—blend and complement one another in such a smooth synthesis that (as in certain masterpieces of Oriental brush painting on silk and paper scrolls), they coalesce to represent, captured between two covers, the very essence and drama of life itself.

Author Bio:

Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook have a distinguished reputation as the authors of two books that have long been recognized as classic publications: Secrets of the Samurai, and Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere. Their combined insights, together with a highly developed aesthetic sense and far-ranging artistic ability, ensures that this new Series will also inform, captivate, and inspire readers.

Product Specifications:

Hardbound, 8.5 x 11" x .6", 168 pages on gloss paper, 228 illustrations, sewn and glued binding, 2 lbs.